About Me

Hello, My name is Phillip Currie, I am 28 years old from Okotoks, Alberta but I am currently living in Prince Edward Island with my girlfriend & two fur babies Xander & Arya. I received my first camera for my 17th birthday and fell in love instantly. I started out with just shooting my family members. Then I branched out to landscape photography and my love grew deeper from there. I wanted to tell stories with my pictures and this is when I decided to go to SAIT to learn how to do that. Two years later I am a Photojournalist with a Photojournalism-Journalism Diploma and a new love for my craft. I hope you can see through my work the love that I have for the Kraft and my improvement as I hone it to make it mine.
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Wedding Videography
My style for shooting wedding is in Documentary style meaning I shoot in the moment capturing candid moments. Nothing staged, nothing forced just the moment playing out as intended!
Wedding Photography
My style for capturing your big day is very much like my style shooting video. Shoot in the moment capture those tiny interactions that would otherwise be forgotten. I am a Photojournalist by trade and trained in this style of photography and it flows nicely with your big day!
Content Creation
Have a video or photo idea? Want to make you business or product standout? But don't have the resources to make it happen on your own? Well let me tell you, your content sucks ours doesn't! Anything from a short feature film to product photography and everything in between, we got you covered! Drop us a line and we can discuss your ideas and goals!
Summerside Prince Edward Island
E-mail: thekraftmedia@gmail.com Phone: (587) 892-6007